Two Mushroom

30/04/2022 15:07

Two Mushroom


Mushrooms with rotten stalks are invariably suffering from a disease, stipe. In human terms, stipe corresponds to AIDS, that is, if the penis is conceived as a mushroom, the stalk is made rotten by the mutant variant of the simian immune deficiency virus (SIV) first discovered by the then Communist DR Congo in 1983, as an ’incurable killer disease’ transmitted between infected homosexual men inserting their penis into each other’s anus. A consequence of contracting the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) was acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) which caused the collapse of the organs of the body before brain death. In short, the infection inserted through the anus at the base of the spine was stalk rot, because homosexuals talk rot.

 The seminal scientific research of the 20th century concerned atomic energy, which good genius was diverted by military planners into weapons programs, for example, WWII’s (1939-45) ’Manhattan Project’, directed by physicist Robert Oppenheimer at Los Alamos, Albuquerque, state of New Mexico, United States of America (USA), and Communist Russia’s RDS-1 (РДС-1) ‘First Lightning’ (Пе́рвая мо́лния) program, Pérvaya mólniya (tr.), directed by Igor V. Kurchatov, because of homosexuals’ stalk rot.

 The splitting of the nuclei of an atom, resulting in the release of energy through fission, and which could have resulted in limitless power being made available for domestic use in households across the Earth, through the construction of electricity generating power plants, instead produced the atom bomb. Although cheap available energy was the more obvious human objective, the sign of the genie released from its shell was the appearance of the mushroom shaped cloud above the devastated locale where humans had thought to live. The evil genius of homosexuality sought to emerge from the shells of human brains, so instead was paid the holocaust.

 The basis for war has been identifiably Greek since ancient times when that nation institutionally enshrined pederasty and the host womb enslavement of women for the production of warriors to fight the Persian Empire (499-449 B.C.), although Jesus’ disciple John’s vilification of Emperor Darius’ capital city, Babylon, founded c. 4000 B.C., suggests homosexuality was endemic, ’Mystery, Babylon, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ (Rev: 17. 5) John’s apocalyptic vision of the future was of the danger posed to the human race by homosexuality: ‘Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.’ (Rev: 16. 11) What they’d done was stalk rot, that is, prefer themselves to women, who were the species’ host womb.

 Jesus, born of his mother, the Virgin Mary, was women’s seed, that is, the representative of the human futanarian race of women with their own penis’ semen for the sexual reproduction of species’ brainpower without men’s mushroom growing. The AIDS virus, mushrooming in the human brain, as transmitted by homosexuals, was the biological version of men’s A-bomb. Discovered to have weakened the human system to the point at which it became susceptible to the virus causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), HIV/AIDS was identifiable as the first phase of a ‘biological weapon’ similar to the conventional missile launched TOS 1 heavy flamethrower system used by ex-KGB officer (Committee for State Security), Russian leader Vladimir ‘secret’ Putin,1 during the invasion of the Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.

 TOS 1 first deployed a flammable vapor, while SARS was accompanied by flatulence. The ignited vapor produced a vacuum, which sucked all of the air from the lungs, as SARS similarly resulted in lung collapse. As incineration followed the implementation of the TOS 1 second stage, so the extinction of the SARS sufferer was attributable to the weakening of the human system by means of the virus infection, HIV, inserted into the anus through the homosexual penis, which had caused flatulence, corresponding to their ignition in those exposed to the SARS virus.

 Discovered in November 2002, after originating in a cave of bats in Jinning county, Yunnan province, Communist China, the SARS virus variant, Covid-19, become a global epidemic after its rediscovery as a mutant strain in a Wuhan city hospital, Hubei province, China, in December 2019, clearly bore a resemblance to what fiction described as draco, that is, the figure written of by Irish novelist Bram Stoker in his novel, Dracula (1897). Based on the historical Vlad Dracul (1428/31-1476/77) of the central European nation of Wallachia, later part of modern Romania, who was infamous for impaling his victims, that is, inserting wooden stakes into their anuses, Stoker’s vampire was similarly of the type of homosexual ‘faggot’ spreading his virus of hell.

 Stoker’s Dracula took the form of a bat, which suggests draco, that is, dragons, emerging from the Chinese district of Jinning’s bat cave in Yunnan province. A genies’ country, according to the 1001 Nights 8th century collection of folktales, China’s traditional association is with ‘dragon lords’, that is, evil jinn, who’re voivode in Romania’s Transylvania, that is, warlords. When Vlad ‘cigarette’ Putin’s Russia invaded the Ukraine with his TOS 1, he was draco, that is, a fire-breathing dragon in the tradition of the blood-drinking immortality of the vampire virus, killed only by a stake through its heart, according to tradition, as the stake in homosexuality’s HIV/AIDS biological weapon’s system is women’s penis’ semen, that is, women’s seed in human recovery mode.

 Putin’s TOS 1 was a corollary of British American Tobacco (BAT), that is, the heavy flamethrower system was also allegorically a heavy smoker’s system, where the women’s penis, as a cigarette (secret) symbol of homosexuality, was put in and smoked down to the butt by the KGB (Committee for State Security), because that’s what those who work towards the extinction of humanity through cancerous invasiveness are for.


1 Talmazan, Yuliya ‘From buildup to battle: Why Putin stoked a Ukraine crisis - then launched an invasion’, NBC News, , February 25th, 2022, UTC 5:56 pm.