There are four Gospels narrating the life of Jesus, that is, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Although Mark`s the briefest, it`s the most detailed, so an account of the main features of Jesus` life constitute a useful `pocket` New Testament

01/12/2014 23:45

There are four Gospels narrating the life of Jesus, that is, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Although Mark`s the briefest, it`s the most detailed, so an account of the main features of Jesus` life constitute a useful `pocket` New Testament


1 John baptizes Jesus (9), and God`s voice is heard as the Holy Spirit upon Jesus, `Thou art my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.` (11) Jesus casts out an unclean spirit from a man who tells him he has no business with the congregation in their place of worship (26), and Jesus begins healing many others. 2 Jesus cures a man of palsy (12), is criticized for performing God`s work, and defines `sin` as `sickness` (17). 3 Jesus cures a man of a withered hand (5), while onlookers wait to accuse him of magic (2). Jesus appoints the twelve disciples (14). He`s accused of healing by the power of Satan (23). Jesus says whoever helps him is `family` (35). 4 Jesus explains fruition depends on the receptiveness of the Earth to the `seed` (19). He becalms the sea in a storm (39). 5 Pigs run off a cliff possessed by spirits Jesus casts out of a man (13). On his way to heal a daughter, a woman touches his clothing (27), and she is healed (29), but he feels the healing power go from him (30). When he goes to heal her, the daughter is dead (35), but he says she sleeps (39) and, healed, she awakens (42). 6 The subsequent crucifixion of Jesus is explained. Herod married Herodias, his brother Philip`s wife, and John, who baptized Jesus, told Herod he couldn`t, so Herodias would`ve killed John. When Herod promises Herodias` daughter `anything` for dancing, Herodias tells her to ask for John`s `head` (24). Herod fears Jesus is John resurrected (16). Jesus feeds 5000 with some bread and fish from his bag (42). He walks on the sea of Galilee to his ship from the land of Bethaisda (45), during a storm, before arrival at Gennaseret (53). 7 Jesus explains pollution doesn`t come from without, but within (15), and heals a woman`s daughter (29), and a deaf man who can`t speak (35). 8 Jesus heals a blind person (23-25). 9 Jesus appears transfigured with Moses, who accepted the law from God against taking life (Exodus: 24. 12-13), and Elijah, who rebuked king Ahab for acquiring a vineyard by murder, `Have you killed and also taken possession?` (1 Kings: 21. 19). Jesus restores the power of speech to a dumb boy (25), and approves of one who heals in his name (39). 10 Jesus supports marriage (8), children`s education (14), and says a rich person can enter heaven (25). He restores a man`s sight (52). 11 Jesus rides on a horse into Jerusalem (9) while people bless him. Jesus rebukes extortionists in the temple (15) and, in explanation of his withering a tree that didn`t have fruit when he wanted it (21), says `anything` is possible to the prayerful (33). 12 Jesus relates the narrative of an heir to a vinery who`s murdered (8) and explains the builders` rejection of murder is the `cornerstone` (10) of Christianity. Jesus says there`ll be no marriage in resurrection (25), while the overriding precept of God`s law is, `love your neighbor` (31), while the mean are damned (40), but those who give in poverty are for heaven (43). 13 Jesus speaks of `false prophets` (22) bringing desolation and his `second coming` (26) as restorer. 14 Jesus rebukes Judas for suggesting his feet aren`t worth anointing (6) and gives the disciples `bread and wine` as his `body and blood` (22-24). He says Judas will betray him to death (10-11), but he`ll have resurrection (28). He is taken and sentenced to death (64), after saying that he`ll be at God`s `right hand` as `the son of man` (62); triumphing over falsity when someone accuses him of saying he`ll destroy the temple in Jerusalem and rebuild it by magic (58). Peter denies knowing Jesus three times (72), as Jesus said he would, out of fear for his own life. 15 Pilate releases the insurrectionist, Barabbas (15), because the people value him more, and orders Jesus to be crucified. He is made `king of the jews` (18, 26) in mockery, and cries out at his death `My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?` (34) The temple curtain is mysteriously rent in twain (38), and the Roman guard, Longinus, says, `Surely this was the son of God.` (39) Jesus` women want his body, and Joseph of Arimathea has it placed in a sepulcher (46) with a stone before the entrance. 16 Jesus` tomb is discovered by Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of James and Salome, with the stone rolled aside and a man in white raiment, who says Jesus is resurrected and they`ll see him (6). Mary Magdalene, whom Jesus had cast seven possessive spirits out of (9), meets Jesus and he sits with the eleven disciples during their meal exhorting them to continue his teaching (14). Through baptism and belief is salvation and unbelievers will have damnation (16). In Jesus` name they`ll cast out harmful spirits and be immune (18). Jesus has Ascension (19).